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ok im gonna sleep

oh and thanks everyone for the help 8D

if I remember correctly they just cancelled the kickstarter a few hours before it was supposed to end bc they had like…2% of their goal or sth.


I think people also found out the artist was super homophobic or transphobic and stopped supporting her? I’m not really sure either to be honest, but I do strictly remember seeing a post about that.

yea ok i can see how that could go downhill real fast :V

didn’t they have a kickstarter that was a rip off? and the artist had a gallery of adult x child nsfw art which skeeved ppl out too

i remember there was kickstarter issues and some internal things with animators being snubbed but i haven heard abt the adult+child nsfw thng at all

so what was the conclusion of that bear and police woman cartoon thing? all i know is it wasnt planned as well as everyone thought and fell apart???


"Why isn’t this a real thing?"


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Burmese Tourmaline 8.15 ct


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My pond brings all the quags to the yard…